Speed Shearing Competition

Saturday 10th August 2019

Commences 11.00am


  1. Novice
  2. Intermediate
  3. Local Open
  4. Open

Please see the secretary's office to pay your $10 entry fee, complete a  General Participant Waiver & collect your wrist band.



  1. Sheep are to be shorn to meet local shearing industry standard.
  2. Shearers are to be allocated two sheep and may pick the sheep that they wish to shear first. The sheep will be given to the shearer by a rouseabout.
  3. Shearer to announce start when ready to pull into gear. Timekeeper to keep the time. Time finishes when the shearer pulls out of  gear.
  4. Shearers will be asked to shear two sheep with a short break between each sheep.
  5. Only the faster qualifying time of the two sheep is to be recorded.
  6. To qualify, the shearer must receive two or more green cards from the judges for that sheep. Two or more red cards and the shearer’s time for that sheep is disqualified. The shearer is entitled to shear the second sheep should disqualification occur on the first. The second sheep is to be shorn under the same rules.
  7. The six fastest qualifying times from the first round will progress to the finals.
  8. The finals will be divided into two divisions, A and B. A Division will be the three fastest qualifying times from the first round. B Division will be the next three fastest qualifying times from the first round.
  9. The two divisions will then shear again under the same conditions as for the first round.
  10. B Division will shear first, with the slowest time recorded, to shear first. A Division will then shear next in the same order as B Division.
  11. The fastest times in each division will be declared the winners of their respective divisions.
  12. In the event of the same time being recorded, the shearers will then each shear another sheep in the same qualifying time order as before. This will continue until a winner is declared.
  13. During the heats, judges will be asked to inspect both shorn sheep from each shearer prior to moving them from the pen (back to the truck) to determine the cleanest shearer from the heats, which will be announced at the end of the competition.
  14. Sheep will be completely crutched and one blow across the bottom of the belly prior to the competition.
  15. Judges will be three local woolgrowers / shearers. The judge’s decision is final.
  16. Open competition will be held in conjunction with local competition.
  17. Disqualification will occur for the following:
  • Cuts requiring excessive sewing (judges decision)
  • Excessive second cuts/bad positioning
  • Mistreatment of sheep